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Zoom Whitening Specialist

Ewa Awad, DDS -  - Dentist

Dentex Smile Studio

Ewa Awad, DDS

Dentist located in Morris County, Morristown, NJ

At Dentex Smile Studio, Dr. Ewa Awad offers many cosmetic procedures to her patients, including the ZOOM® whitening technique. The doctor and staff of the facility offer their services to the residents of Morristown and Morris County in New Jersey. The doctor encourages her patients to contact her office if they have any questions about the benefits of the procedure.

Zoom Whitening Q & A

Does ZOOM whitening gel contain abrasives?

There are no abrasives used in the ZOOM Teeth Whitening System. The system uses hydrogen peroxide and is light activated. Abrasives can damage the delicate enamel that covers the tooth. They can grind away at the enamel causing it to weaken and eventually become compromised enough that the tooth is exposed. With the ZOOM system, the gel is applied to the teeth and a special light is used to activate the hydrogen peroxide causing oxygen to go deep inside the tooth to break up stains. This type of treatment removes stains and discolorations from deep inside the tooth that may have been there for several years.

How long will the benefits last?

The procedure only takes approximately 45 minutes to complete once the patient is in the dentist's chair. After the procedure, the patient will see a noticeable difference in the brightness of their teeth. The results of the ZOOM procedure will last indefinitely. Because the stains were actually lifted from the teeth, they will always be lighter than they were prior to the procedure. The key to maintaining long lasting results is avoiding things that stain the teeth in the first place. Proper care of the teeth and gums is also extremely important. Along with proper oral hygiene, Dr. Awad can provide other ZOOM products such as the Weekender® and Nite White Gel® that can be used at home to help keep a person's smile bright and as white as possible.

Can tooth discoloration be prevented?

Tooth discoloration occurs over time and can be caused by the foods a person eats, medical conditions, and the use of certain medications. Individuals who smoke or consume large amounts of coffee or tea may also experience more discoloration than normal. The color of the teeth will naturally change as a person ages. While controlling the foods that are consumed and taking note of what medications may seem to darken the teeth, the best way to prevent tooth discoloration is to use dental products that are designed to protect the teeth from staining. Brushing and flossing regularly will help minimize the effects of many of the items that cause the problems. Using products like ZOOM will ensure that a person's smile remains white and bright.