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Tooth Extraction

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Dr. Awad will do everything she can to help you maintain the best possible dental health and keep your teeth for your entire lifetime. However, in some circumstances, it is necessary to remove a tooth to protect the rest of your teeth. Patients at Dentex Smile Studio, located in Morristown, New Jersey, can rest assured that the most modern techniques and tools will be used for any extractions that cannot be avoided.

Tooth Extraction Q & A

When are tooth extractions needed?

A tooth extraction may be required when a tooth has sustained too much damage to be repaired. Two of the most common reasons for tooth extractions are sudden trauma to the mouth and disease that destroys the viability of the tooth. Another reason for tooth extraction may be tooth crowding. This can be particularly common in young people whose teeth alignment is negatively impacted by extra teeth. Teeth removed due to over-crowding are usually removed from the back of the mouth. Wisdom tooth extractions are also common today, although wisdom tooth surgery is more complicated than the typical tooth extraction.

What if this is an emergency?

An emergency dental situation usually involves a tooth that is causing pain. This can occur for a variety of reasons. A broken tooth due to trauma is a good example of an emergency tooth extraction. A good rule of thumb to identify a dental emergency is to ask yourself can this reasonably wait for an appointment. Pain should never wait. A loose filling or crown should never wait because if those devices were to fail, the tooth may become broken and unsalvageable. Patients can call and ask the office whether or not their situation is an emergency.

Should all wisdom teeth be removed?

Wisdom teeth erupt after all the other teeth have come in, so if the mouth is already full, there can be issues. For example, these teeth frequently come in sideways or become impacted. This causes pressure, pain, and compromises the integrity of neighboring healthy teeth. These teeth will most likely need to be removed to maintain the health and balance of the teeth as well as the whole mouth. Wisdom teeth can also come in straight and with no trouble. Many people have trouble keeping the wisdom teeth at the back of the mouth clean so that they can be more susceptible to cavities and decay. Dr. Awad will provide advice on whether or not your wisdom teeth need to be removed.